AppMap, Recent Pages or Page Switcher in Ionic 2+

“If you swipe right you can view your profile directly. Swipe back. Now, if you swipe to the left you can view your stories. And swipe back again. Swipe down from the top and you will see all your chats.“ “Go back a couple of times, I think it is listed somewhere else, you should… Read more

User Authentication In Ionic 2+ With LoopBack 3 – Part 1

It is given that user authentication is hard to get right, and it very often leads to discussions, especially when it comes to the “how”. By that I mean “how” user authentication is implemented. Do we “roll our own”? Do we choose for authentication as a service? Or is there a framework providing user management… Read more

An Ionic 2+ CRUD App Using LoopBack 3

It is always a nice feeling starting a brand new Ionic 2+ project. Getting your pages and components in place and adding that initial theme to make things look even better. But at some point you need data. And that is exactly where things can get challenging. Especially if your “center of gravity” in development… Read more

Running a Node.js Application on Shared Hosting

When it comes to hosting Node.js applications, there are almost too many possibilities; it can even become difficult to choose. Especially when you are fairly new to Node.js and are just looking to host your first application. Should I also learn how to manage my own VPS? Or should I focus on getting myself familiar… Read more

Skeleton Screens in Ionic 2+

Skeleton screens. It is likely you encountered them when using Slack, LinkedIn or Facebook, just to name a few Apps that leverage it, but you may not have known the exact term for it. Skeleton screens are those initial screens you see, usually made out of lines, squares and circles or similar basic shapes. Representing… Read more

Transform XML to JSON in Ionic 2+ (with Angular 4.3+)

We probably all like working with the latest technology stacks, but lets face it, we still have to deal with those situations when we can’t. Whether it is an undocumented JS library which is used in the project somewhere, or plain CSS files instead of SASS. We come up with a plan to progressively enhance… Read more

Pinch to Zoom or Scale Elements in Ionic 2+

In the previous post we discussed different methods in which you can enable and implement the pinch gesture. We ended up creating and using our own, yet very effective, pinch directive due to the lack of consistency that the default pinch implementation provides. If you haven’t read that post yet, I highly recommend you to… Read more

Using the Pinch Gesture in Ionic 2+

Gestures are an essential part of any Ionic 2+ driven App. We probably all have used the tap, press, pan or swipe, but things get really interesting when we start using multi-touch gestures. The pinch gesture specifically is the one on which we will focus in this post. First we take a look at the… Read more